5th patch "Hot Fix"

We provide an urgent hotfix patch 0.84 which includes some major targeting bug fixes that affected very negatively the AI, better Mac stability, more battle flow fixes and important polishes to the gameplay mechanics.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.84 rev4815


  • Before each battle you can now see in a mini-map the armies’ deployment on the battlefield. The positions vary according to the dynamic positions taken during the multi-day battle.
You can now see how the armies are deployed before each battle (Work in progress).

You can now see how the armies are deployed before each battle (Work in progress).


  • AI fine tunes and improvements to all personalities.
  • AI units not moving at all because of low morale is fixed/improved.
  • Morale does not fall so easily as before. You can maintain your lines better as the AI.
  • Union Generals provide slightly more condition bonus to their troops to reflect the overall better supply system and balance their defense power.
  • Buford’s skirmishers not so accurate from long distance fire. Balances the Confederate advantage of the opening battle.
  • Firing from hill gives even more accuracy bonus comparing to enemies that are downhill.
  • Collateral damage (the damage made to units adjacent to the target) balanced better.
  • Melee mechanics improvements.
  • Efficiency penalty lessened for exhaustion level of troops. As a result, units will not delay so much to regain condition as before.
  • Union vs Confederate combat power rebalanced so that Union troops are not so easy to break on the 2nd/3rd phase of 1st day battle.
  • Fixed cases that made artillery to fire with too little limitations over friendly troops or obstacles. Artillery management now is more strategic. To use, you must place in good spots and trust the artillery commanders. Avoid to manually target too often, at least until we fix in a next patch a bug in arty behavior which makes it to move too close to the targets if it has no clear LoS.


  • Some bugs that made Mac version not to launch properly fixed. Alt+Tab will still not work for Mac version until we get a related official fix by Unity for Retina display support. Now you pick the desired resolution to play the game before game start and you can also play in window mode. If you anticipate problem in launching the game for the first time, try again launching via this window, it should work. 


  • Various text corrections.
  • More battle flow fixes according to received feedback and our beta testing. Battle now in rare situations can last up to 7 phases.


  • Fixed finally the annoying de-selection issue that affected also AI negatively when it happened. Please report if you anticipate this bug again.
  • Fixed some targeting bugs that made the AI take poor decisions and your units to behave not optimally, not make good auto-lines.
  • Cemetery Ridge in 3rd day battles can now be taken more easily. There were cases that demanded to push the Union completely away in order to capture.


We may provide another patch this week according to your new feedback. Please share it in our Game-Labs Forum and in Steam Forum.