New update with better menu background, AI improvements and other changes

We finalise the weekly 5th patch with various polishes to AI and gameplay, some bug fixes and the first version of 3D animated menu.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.845



  • 3D animated image replaces the “dull” grey background in front menu and decision rooms. It is work in progress. Menu and decision rooms will be improved in next patches.

Work in progress  menu background.


  • Fixed morale being too fragile in some cases. Solid lines will be kept more easily now for more realistic and enjoying battles.
  • Fixed AI being too cautious, especially the “Determined” AI. AI should be much more active overall in all characters when it has to be. 
  • Increased and noticeable differentiation per AI character, for example the Balanced AI will desire to make wider flanking attacks than before. 
  • Fixed AI merging its units too much in some cases. AI should make now much more tidy lines and formations.
  • Increased projectile range of cavalry so to keep more distance from enemy.
  • Reduced firepower of 24pdr howitzers of Confederate “Moody” battery because it was able to inflict in average 500+ casualties to enemies very easily.
  • Improved melee mechanics and damage, especially cases in which soldiers were slowed down too much.
  • Balanced overall gameplay mechanics and US/CS combat power for increased challenge and realism.
  • Fixed retreat direction issues. Also retreated units are not having so much self-defense so will not rout other units or may do with much less probability.
  • Increased possible delay time for 2nd/3rd phases of 1st day battles. This was needed to provide the necessary tactical decision for player and AI, to press the attack on Cemetery Hill or wait for next day.


  • Various battle flow fixes for battles of the third day that had more than 2 objectives. In some occasions they gave wrong defeat message.
  • Fixed battle flow error where you fought for the right flank as CS having captured Cemetery Hill sector and in next battle you lost it.


  • Fixed save error that could cause freeze and game instability.
  • Fixed AI related factor that could produce freeze/lag moments in systems with very high fps.


We are working on reported GFX render issues that cause freezes for some systems and will provide the fixes in a next patch. First version of Multiplayer approaches as well to finalization. We thank you for your very helpful ongoing feedback. Please continue to share it in our Game-Labs Forum and in Steam Forum.