4th patch fixing the battle sequence till 3rd day

Patch 0.83 is dedicated to major battle flow fixes. You will be able to play the battle of Gettysburg in all possible sequences, up to 6 phases, without the previous annoying premature battle ends.

Except from the various improvements and bug fixes that we offer in this patch we have made progress in making the preview maps that will appear before a battle starts. These maps will be auto-generated according to the dynamic positions of the forces. We will be able to show you the first iteration in the next patch.


Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.83 rev4756


  • Various AI improvements to all characters.
  • Gameplay balances for more challenging battles. Condition became more important so you have to maintain lines and cohesion, advance slowly, not isolate your forces and over-charge because your army can quickly become a rabble. AI knows this and plays more conservatively when needed or makes quick attacks at first then it stands on its ground. This is work in progress and will be finalized in next patch.
  • Further Melee balances in damage and mechanics.
  • Union vs Confederate combat effectiveness balanced so that the Union is not as overpowered as before.
  •  LoS should be more accurate following the terrain obstacles.
  • Improved soldier movement mechanics more.
  • Morale more dynamic, meaning that volleys can be more decisive to make a unit to rout. Volleys in general should be more devastating in open field.
  • Artillery targeting improved. You should be able to handle it more easily.


  • Slight performance increase because of optimization of AI thinking updates.


  • All decision room text descriptions are available for days 1,2,3.
  • All battle descriptions ready for days 1,2,3.
  • All major battle flow fixes which resulted in wrong next battle or premature battle end have been fixed. We consider this fix 99% complete for all possible battles spanning from day 1 to day 3. If you notice an inconsistency please report it to us.


  • Fixed movement arrow offset that was too large. Creation of movement paths should now be even sharper.
  • Fixed a Deselection issue that made your units to attack a routed AI artillery unit when you attempted to click on empty area. It may need some more fixes, so please report to us if it happens again.
  • Fixed retreat direction issues. 


Please share your feedback about the AI and overall gameplay. Let us know how you find the changes in our Game-Labs Forum and in Steam Forum.