3rd patch bringing major AI improvements and Mac Support

0.82 patch brings Mac support and focuses on major AI & Gameplay improvements that were needed according to user feedback. Of course there were many essential bug fixes that make the game much more stable and we have addressed the annoying save bugs that could prevent you to continue your battle campaign normally.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.82 rev4685



  • Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now officially available for Mac! If you already own the Windows PC version and have a Mac PC you can launch the game via Steam and play it updated to the latest version.
    Note 1: An issue that also exists temporarily in PC but can be more evident in Retina displays is that controls are not very responsive in resolutions bigger than 1920x1080. If you notice map drag, movement arrows, rotation to not work very well according to your movements then lower the resolution via display settings.
    Note 2: Bug reporter button is not available in Mac version.
  • Unit formation shapes now follow the ground morphology more accurately so you will be able to understand elevation and height more effectively together with the height map function of M key. Due to this enhanced visual setting the battlefield looks more realistic.

In these two images you see how unit formations shape, bend, scale in size according to altitude and ground morphology. We remind that the game is practically 2D but uses innovative techniques to simulate the 3D world.


  • Major AI improvement. AI now plays more positionally and can be a very strong defender in all characters. Previous cases that made it possible to encircle AI (especially the Union) and destroy or corner it to the map, is now a very rare or nonexistent issue.
  • AI now is able to make effectively “organic” formations and lines, securing areas with cannons and standing troops. AI will now keep much better distances between enemy and friendly units, and will use reserves and fresh troops more wisely.
  • Melee balances in damages and mechanics. Now melee is much more decisive visually and in impact. You will see soldiers to expand, fight around their area and create a more realistic visual chaos. Charging and frequent hand to hand combat can bring victorious moments but also heavy disorganization and exhaustion to realistic levels.
  • Combat, morale mechanics and general game balance are further improved to sustain the slower more realistic pace but also to fix issues that could make action and movement rates too slow in some cases.
  • Your units will behave even more intelligently, making lines, rotating to enemy and targeting without overusing this self-awareness ability.
  • Union vs Confederate combat effectiveness balanced better. Please report if Union is now a bit more powered in defense than necessary so we fine tune in next patch.
  • Improved soldier movement mechanics to be more realistic, less synced.
  • Slocum and Stannard now come sooner as was needed in the speculative scenarios of prolonged Confederate attack in the 1st day.

In this patch, the battles are more realistic visually and in gameplay due to improved melee mechanics and combat balances.



  • All decision room text descriptions are available for days 1,2,3 except those pending to be fixed in next patch.
  • Many Battle flow issues fixed that caused wrong battle continuation and premature end. Please be patient until next week to fix at least the 90% of all remaining issues.


  • Fixed saves system that made loading impossible or created freezing units, AI and other issues. Please report to us any other glitch you find. We remind that saves do not save action states yet so if you save for example at the moment of a charge then when you load this battle the charge will not be saved properly, may make the charging unit to hesitate for some time.
  • Fixed a lot of issues that made retreat to go often to wrong direction.
  • Fixed problem that gave ability to rotate AI units.
  • Fixed rapid back and forth movement bug for infantry that could happen when entered as reinforcement. In next patches we will totally eliminate this rare issue that can appear to skirmishers and artillery.
  • Fixed unpause bug.
  • Fixed restart battle bug.
  • Fixed various freeze issues that made game and camera unresponsive, units to disappear and movement arrows to get stuck on the map.
  • Fixed some reported bugs that created lag.
  • Fixed bug that made game to freeze when units of a group formation died and group was ordered to attack something.
  • Fixed cases that made units to not fire enemies in front of them.  
  • Fixed major bug that made many battle sounds to be muted.


We recommend to start a new battle campaign and not load your old save for securing that there are no freeze issues. Let us know how you find the new improvements in our Game-Labs Forum and in Steam Forum.