2nd patch ready!

We thank you very much for the warm reception of our game and your continuous feedback and suggestions. Many things you have asked to improve or fix are now available in our newest patch. Important new features are the elevation map layer and the revamped, more realistic combat pace accompanied by an enhanced AI. Have a look at the patch notes.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.81 rev4590


  • Added Elevation Map Layer as many players requested.
    - You toggle on/off with the M key (you can re-assign button in settings).
    - You can use this additional map layer to understand which hills are good for placing your artillery. Height indications are measured in feet above sea level.
  • You can now restart a battle. This is a temporary solution until we finalize the multiple saves system.

By pressing the M key you toggle on/off the height lines which help you understand which are the best locations to deploy your artillery.


  • Various and major AI improvements for better challenge. Union AI especially should be much more effective in holding their ground.
  • Melee balance improvement. Fixed cases that could result in too low damage. Cavalry should be more effective but still preserve its vulnerability to ranged fire.
  • Artillery more vulnerable to projectile damage so that it cannot be used as “tank” as it could be in some cases.
  • Terrain importance enhanced. Cover, Altitude bonus to range, Movement penalties increased for making the good defensive positions even tougher to capture.
  • Various improvements to morale, damage rate, combat mechanics, including the above mentioned result in a more satisfying combat pace. Not too slow, not too fast. We need your feedback if this is noticeable and works as you like.
  • Flanking/Rear damage increased for more rewarding tactical maneuvers for you and the AI.
  • Several improvements in Scenes concerning time of reinforcements and random events. For Union especially this will help them to have better chances in 1st day as the reinforcement routs and random delays are not as strict as before, so the flow of battle is more intense. Slocum reinforcements sometimes can delay too much and so Union AI has difficulties withstanding a possible evening attack. We will fully address this problem in next patch.


  • Performance and FPS improvement. Lag issues should now be much less.
  • Possible 3-4 seconds freezes should now not happen as frequently as before. Please let us know if you still get this problem.
  • Fixed additional bug issues that caused game crashes in moment of any battle start. Next week we will sort any other pending issue related to supported resolutions.
  • A new troubleshooting button is added temporarily to menu to lead you to solutions to common problems (needs internet connection).

Now you can adjust the units' LoS intensity and duration from the settings. By default it is ON. You can disable this function and trigger it only when you press for about 1 sec on a unit.


  • The LoS of your selected unit (the area it can see) now no longer creates a so dark area around the unit.
  • [NEW] You can now tune the LoS intensity and duration. Go to Options=>Gameplay and set it to your liking.
  • [NEW] You can now use alternatively a key to rotate your units instead of middle mouse button. Default button is TAB and you can re-assign it in settings. To use, select a unit, and while pressing TAB use your mouse to rotate.
  • Improved Formations pathfinding.
  • Now you move only the visible units belonging to a group. This helps to control your saved formation groups better.

Several unit command controls have key shortcuts which you can re-assign from the settings. We added the much anticipated Rotation key command. By default you use the TAB button.


  • Various Corrections/Additions in main menu and battle description texts.
  • All battle description messages available for Days 1,2,3. Decision room text descriptions still missing from 2nd day battles and onwards. They will be available in the next patch.
  • All battle action messages available for Days 1,2,3.


  • Possible issue of reinforcements not appearing at all after you load a campaign is fixed. This was a particularly annoying bug that damaged the gameplay and caused difficulties to AI especially in scenarios that reinforcements are crucial for its defense.
  • Fixed additional problem that made some units invisible after loading a campaign.
  • We addressed many campaign scenario issues that caused the battle to continue wrongly or to end prematurely with wrong win/loss messages to appear (more often there was a wrong “Dead lock” message). We remind that we need to finalise the battle to expand to the 4th day to completely eliminate this problem. Please continue to report such problems if you find them.
  • Fixed condition that could allow artillery reinforcements to fire way out of map borders.
  • Fixed cases which made units to evade or retreat in wrong directions.
  • Fixed additional bug that could result in units not to shutter out of the map, despite having enormous losses.
  • Fixed targeting bug that made AI and your units to prefer artillery and skirmishers too much and to ignore more serious threats near them. This bug fix makes your units to think much better with their own initiative without any micromanagement.
  • Fixed major melee bug that resulted sometimes to see units having no melee collision damage at all and AI to become idle because of this.

Because we had to cure some very serious bugs in the saving process, the saving system was refactored. As a result, this patch will make your old saves incompatible and not loadable. You will need to restart your battle campaign. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Wating you in our official Game-Labs Forum and our Steam Forum to share with us your new feedback that will help us to prioritize the new list of improvements and fixes of the next week.