1st patch available

Hello Generals,

Your feedback has been enormously helpful to narrow down the most important bugs and inconsistencies to include fixes in our first weekly patch. The patch is available and offers you the following:

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.8 rev4469



  • Added unit grouping functionality
    • Use ctrl and drag area to select units then move them. Hold shortcut transferred to H key button.
    • You can also double click your General to select and move his units that are included in his command area.
    • You can assign groups by selecting units and clicking the “Group” button. In this build it is possible to make group for a single unit. This can help to make shortcuts for some of your important units or your generals (Please advise if you like this feature).
    • Clicking on a group and pressing Ctrl-Right click allows you to automatically arrange/rotate a simple formation for your unit group.
    • When you use formation you can see the future position of unit, with rectangle and facing indication. The unit facing indication is also available in the rotation gesture.
    • Added possibility to reassign various command buttons in settings. 


  • AI fixes and various improvements make AI to keep better distance from player, make better lines and be a better opponent in all characters. Additional fixes will follow next week with your feedback.
  • Various changes made in battle balance and morale that affect the combat pace to be more realistic and slower as you requested. You will be able to keep your lines for longer, with no micromanagement and AI will desire to be more cohesive, use artillery more frequently to pound you from distance and then assault.
  • Terrain modifiers for speed are balanced better. Previously the unit movement penalties -for example when walking through forest- were very slight according to user feedback
  • Columns now have a slight speed bonus. Helps AI to maneuver faster and reinforcements to come in time.
  • Various changes in battle scenes of the 1st day.
  • Balanced battle duration to be a little less as needed (could increase the probability of unnecessary player waiting time or overwhelmed units to be cornered in the map and game not to stop).
  • Slocum and Stannard reinforcements now can arrive sooner which adds the necessary punch and “drama” for the Union army.
  • Some fixes in the battle flow and in cases where decision buttons would lead in wrong battle of 2nd day.
  • Friendly fire hold threshold balanced as part of better AI targeting, unit lines fixes, less frequent unnecessary rotation of your units, artillery management.
  • US vs CS combat balance improvement. The Confederates were slightly overpowered before, according to feedback.
  • Melee damage increased, especially against artillery.


  • Performance and FPS improvement that is noticeable in big battles.


  • The LoS of your selected unit (the area it can see) now endures more and is more evident as many users asked.


  • Fixed issue when game crashes in moment of any battle start. We added button to disable unit transparency for additional safety measure for those who still anticipate this problem until we fully fix the potential issue.
  • Units can no longer get stuck in borders.
  • Units now should retreat to much better directions. Before there was case that they could retreat in undesirable directions behind enemy lines.
  • Case of reinforcements freezing after loading game should now be fixed.
  • Uncontrollable units -that for example retreat- can no longer be selected.
  • Units freezing in retreat mode bug should be fixed. Please report if you anticipate this issue again.
  • Units becoming invisible bug is addressed. Please report if this happens again.
  • Bug reporter button fixes and improvements. Now it does better quality screenshots. Problem with missing logs is also fixed. Bug reporter doesn’t affect performance anymore.
  • Corrections in some main menu and battle description texts.


We invite you to our official Game-Labs Forum and our Steam Forum to share with us your new feedback and help us prioritizing the new list of improvements and fixes that we will offer next week.


We offered hotfix that fixes some possible lag issues.