News about the release plan

It has been a while since our last news. There has been a slight delay with our release schedule but we still work hard on the game and we are almost ready to start sharing beta keys for our limited Steam version and of course to deliver the Early Access edition. Please read below our official statement about current status.

Hello everyone - thanks for your patience and support.
We really appreciate it and are extremely honored to be making this game for you.

Here is an update on what's going on.

  • We are fixing some AI and gameplay bugs for the final build that will be submitted for Steam approval within next week or two. It is an Early Access edition - meaning there will be some things that don't yet work as intended. The goal for this edition is to gather your feedback on the gameplay, balance and AI, + find bugs that we could not find ourselves.
  • While we are getting the Valve approval we will invite up to 30-50 volunteer testers on our forums to try the limited version of the game in order to quickly check for the obvious flaws. 2 scenarios will be given out to players - first engagement of the Gettysburg battle and the battle for Devils Den.
  • Once Steam grants the approval, we will finalize the store page and open up Early Access sales. We cannot yet say exactly when it will happen as we dont know how long the approval will take.
  • Over the course of the early access (30-40 days) we will work with you on getting the game tuned and improved and start adding the multiplayer component.
  • In the next 4-5 days we will start posting regularly on the final product vision: tactics, ai, control and other gameplay elements.
  • Price for the Early access edition will be 10 US Dollars. Price might go higher for the release version.

    After majority of feedback and multiplayer gets into the game the release version will come out.

Thanks again for your support. A new blog post will follow with video and images explanations. Stay alert!