Gameplay improvements and complete log report

Last week we have released the major update v0.9 which had lots of new content. We are now focusing on game stabilisation and polish. The new update includes various AI & Gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Furthermore, we have integrated an advanced log report functionality which will assist us to find any remaining bug.

Do you still have issues with lag, freezes or other problem? Please do not hesitate to report it to us with the bug report button. With your help we can make the game as stable as it is needed for a full release.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.92 Hotfix



  • Stability and disconnection fixes.

  • Fixed bug that could make a unit to freeze movement. Please use the Bug report button if you notice this issue again.

  • Gameplay update to match with Single player new improvements. (Mac users will not get this update yet, please read below).


  • AI bug fixes that make it much more effective. AI will no longer merge into blobs (more than 2 units in the same spot). AI will now make coherent continuous lines much more successfully.

  • Line of sight rebalanced to be more accurate increasing the “3D” perception of the battlefield. The new LoS will make not only the single player games but also the multiplayer more challenging as visibility will be reduced if your army does not cover strategic areas.

  • Melee bug fixes allowed us to extend its duration and this drastically affects positively the gameplay and its visual motion. Now defenders of a hill will have more chances to hold their ground.

  • Terrain modifiers updated to give more movement penalties, slowing down significantly the movement when marching uphill, on woods, in house areas etc. This change increases the tactical benefit of defensive positions and slows down the combat pace to more realistic levels.

  • More resilient Morale.

  • Videttes balanced to be more useful in case of melee and charges but still vulnerable to offensive tactics.

  • Increased canister damage.


  • Bug reporter button will now send to us much more detailed information of game data. Please use it whenever you notice a bug to address it promptly.

  • Fixed battle flow issue which could result in Union winning the battle from phase 2 if all objectives were captured.

  • Various text corrections.

  • Fixed some bugs that could cause freeze during gameplay.

  • Fixed bug of game launching in black screen.

We wanted to not delay further the release of this patch. It is now available for all PC Users and Mac version will be updated as soon as possible, probably tomorrow.

It is very important to report to us with the “Report Bug” button any critical bugs such as freezes, animation stuttering, lags or other bugs. Of course your written feedback is always super helpful. Share it at Game-Labs Forum and  Steam Forum.

UPDATE 19/9/2014

Minor hotfix was uploaded that polishes the previous fixes. AI is also benefited.