Stability, AI bug fixes & Gameplay update

The new patch has some major AI improvements to show. The AI will be much better in defense and more effective overall. The Mac version has finally been updated to the latest revision and some "cunning" bugs were fixed.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.93



  • Fixed various bugs that would cause instability and disconnection.

  • Fixed a major bug that caused players to receive an additional ladder defeat at the end of a battle.

  • Gameplay update to match with Single player new improvements.

  • Mac Multiplayer gets updated to latest revision.

Attacking a hill will be a much tougher challenge with the new patch.


  • AI bug fixes and improvements that allow all AI personalities to be much more resilient in defense. They can be more careful now in offense, which is beneficial to them in most cases.

  • Reduced Dynamic AI aggression which resulted in poor performance.

  • Fixed issue causing the AI to occasionally want to fall far back without a good reason.

  • AI personalities now differ in tactics even more.

  • Following up with previous melee bug fixes, melee has been rebalanced to benefit defensive tactics and should no longer allow multiple, rushed charges to win the battle for you. Charges now have reduced, but more realistic effects.

  • Rebalanced Union infantry to help them stand their ground against charges if they have solid defensive lines.


  • Fixed resolution on certain menu pages that looked tiny on Mac retina displays.

  • Various text corrections.

  • Fixed a serious bug that could result in much faster gameplay timings according to the AI opponent you play against.

  • A few bugs that could result in freezes were fixed.


  • Tutorials added: Tutorial videos explain the basic gameplay elements when you first start a battle. Alternatively, you can access these videos in "Guide & Tutorials" Menu section or by clicking the options button while you play.

We will make a special forum thread asking you to review the AI you prefer so we can optimize its behavior. Our goal is to make the Union AI to successfully hold Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill at the end of Day 1 more often. Obviously, the Union AI has a tough task because the Confederates come from all sides and have superior numbers. With this latest update, we think we’ve taken a good step in this direction. Let us know on the Game-Labs and Steam Forums.