Introducing Tilt-Shift Mode

In our first promotional screenshots, we promised a special filter that would make the battlefield look like a tilt-shift photo image. As the final release of the game approaches, we now offer the first version of this unique visual feature and more! The gameplay and AI received more improvements as per your feedback.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.94



  • Tilt-Shift: We’ve deployed the first version of our unique image filter that makes the battlefield appear more 3D, as seen in our first promotional screenshots. The option is on the first page of the menu for easy access and is disabled by default. We hope you enjoy playing with Tilt-Shift enabled and await your feedback on how to improve it for the best visual experience.
    Note: Depending on your system specs, tilt-shift may reduce performance.

Images showing how Tilt-Shift mode enhances 3D depth.


  • Fixed frozen units/flags bug.

  • Fixed Line of Sight not working in multiplayer (you could see your opponent inside the fog of war).

  • Fixed some other bugs that could cause disconnections.
    Note: Melee can still be buggy. You might see a unit in melee and your opponent will see the same unit fighting at range. Due to this bug, melee can last longer than intended. We’re working to solve the issue. Please report the bug if you think you’ve found it.


  • AI Generals will now make more sensible decisions about when to charge, all based on their personality.

  • The AI should now have more effective decision-making, especially in defense.

  • Melee and charges are now much more powerful. Previously, we felt they were weak. It will now be possible to trap and demolish units with flank attacks or careful defensive play.

  • Close range fire will now be devastating, making frontal charges extremely detrimental for the attacker.

  • Defensive positions and cover and terrain bonuses have been enhanced. It will now be much more difficult to capture a heavily defended position. The Union will generally benefit more from this as they tend to fight in defense.

  • Stone walls on Cemetery Ridge (The Angle) and Oak Ridge (Where Baxter was fortified) now give increased cover bonuses, making these positions even more valuable.

  • Improved Line of Sight and terrain features in various locations. E.g. Much better visibility from Cemetery Ridge to shell attackers. This applies to other areas, including Little Round Top, Round Top, Seminary Ridge etc.


  • Fixed issue in which AI units moved back and forth aimlessly.

  • Cleaned up code that could result in some minor issues.


  • Added music to the preview battle screen (The game has different music for Menu, Win, Loss, pre-battle events).

  • Added option "Crash Report" at launch for users that may have problems launching the game. If this is the case, for example you have a CTD at startup, then please run the game by selecting "Crash Report" and write the issue so we receive the appropriate data.

We changed the Union AI to be better at defending Cemetery Hill. We would like your opinions on whether this was successful. Share your feedback on the Game-Labs and Steam Forums.