The pre-release patch

Only a few things remain to be checked before we finish the Early-Access stage and move on to full release. More bug fixes and AI & Gameplay tweaks are included in this patch. The full release will include any essential balancing and repairs that you report to us.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.95



  • Fixed issues that could cause seriously desynchronized melee collision and overpowered melee damage.

  • Fixed a bug that would wrongly give both players a victory point.

  • Alt+Tab should now not desync the game.


  • AI tweaks/improvements - the AI should attack/defend more actively. The AI may still be too cautious in the early stages of the first mission. This will be addressed in the full release.

  • Slight rebalance to melee to make it shorter and less damaging.

  • Melee soldier mechanics improved.

  • Iron Brigade, Cutler for the Union and Pettigrew, Brockenbrough for the Confederates may be delayed longer before arriving at the 1st battle engagement.

  • Further AI and gameplay changes to help the Union AI better hold Cemetery Hill on the 1st day.


  • Fixed bug that allowed control over the AI opponent’s units.

  • Fixed some issues in which the camera would scroll incorrectly.


  • Text to indicate battle delays or the end of battle is now better highlighted.

  • Day 4’s custom battles now unlock from any side. Previously, you had to play a 4th Day’s battle in the campaign only as Confederates.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg's Early Access phase ends soon, but we still need your continuous comments and feedback, especially for gameplay balance and AI. If you notice any glaring issues, please do not hesitate to report them at Game-Labs Forum and Steam Forum.