Patch 0.96 Hotfix with new AI mechanics

Preparing for the full release, we cleaned up the code, fixed some multiplayer errors and updated the AI mechanics so that AI opponents are much more resilient and careful in defense.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.96



  • Fixed some stability issues.

  • "Conquer the map" battle now has less duration and delay.

  • Gameplay update to fit new Single player changes.


  • New AI mechanics that improve the general AI behaviour. AI should now more frequently fall back when it attacks vs overwhelming odds. Especially in Defence AI should be much more resilient. It should prefer to stand and defend objectives according to personality.

  • Charge melee bonus slightly increased. Previously charges were mostly handled easily by the defenders.

  • Buford's skirmishers have slightly reduced accuracy in long range fire (this made them a bit overpowered as reported).

  • Slight rebalances of some units. Pettigrew will not get tired so fast as before. Union large inexperienced units will have less accuracy in long range fire.


  • Menu music got a slight improvement.

We will appreciate a lot if you play the game in its final stages of Early Access life and report to us any good or bad that you find. There is still time to correct major issues. Please let us know in our forums:

>>>Game-Labs Forum<<<

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EDIT: 11/10/2014
Revision update available for PC, in a few hours also for Mac users:
- Fixed AI not moving in some Custom Multiplayer Maps and adjusted it better as per first feedback. - Rank reset bug for Multiplayer fixed.