Responding to your requests

There were some changes needed in gameplay according to your latest feedback. We did these changes and await your new opinions. We want to release the game in the best state possible by acknowledging all your reports.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.97 HotFix



  • Stability increased.

  • Gameplay update to fit Single player balances.


  • AI improvements. Noticeable change is that the aggressive personalities are much more eager to seek for a charge and push to attack an objective. Union chances to hold Cemetery Hill on the 1st day should be increased.

  • If you play as Confederates and have kept only Herr's Ridge in first battle, in the next engagement the AI may decide to keep the defense high, at Oak ridge and Oak hill. This was actually a bug that was fixed because player had this option.

  • Buford's skirmishers have less starting morale and cannot hold their ground against brigade attacks for much time.

  • Videttes are less effective. They can receive more casualties with well placed volleys.

  • Pettigrew and Brockenbrough may arrive sooner. That makes the 1st battle more interesting to replay for both sides in single player.

  • Confederate artillery effectiveness slightly increased.

  • Various slight balances on USvsCS combat effectiveness.


  • Menu music sound quality increased (there were some compression issues).

We hope you like the new changes. Please continue to share your feedback in our forums. It helps a lot:

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