Version 1.0 for testing

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is scheduled for release tomorrow and we are offering you one last patch for testing. A big thanks to everyone for helping us launch this product.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg version 1.0 Patch


  • Added multiplayer matchmaking. You can now use the “Random” button to automatically join an available battle or create a random new one.
  • Updated gameplay speed to be a little slower.


  • Slightly reduced overall gameplay speed.
  • Fine-tuned the AI’s ability to keep a distance from the enemy.

  • LoS improved in some locations (fixes issues of artillery not firing).


  • Removed bug report buttons.

Note: To ensure game stability, every Early Access player must manually clean up the installation folder to enable use of the Steam Overlay and screenshots on Windows 8 systems. Please read the following instructions:

Essential clean-up of game folder

step 1

Step 1
Go to the Steam Library => Right click on "Ultimate General: Gettysburg" => Select “Properties”

step 2

Step 2
In the pop-up window, go to “Local Files” tab => Click “Browse Local Files”.

step 3

Step 3
You are now in the game's installation folder. Select and delete all files and folders.

step 4

Step 4
Delete local content via the Steam automated process (Step 3 ensures that Steam does not leave any left overs).

Step 5
Right click on the game again in Steam library and re-install.

Step 6
After installation, go into game folder as described in step 2 => Select game executables (single and multiplayer) => Right mouse button click and select "Properties" => Go into compatibility tab => Disable check box in compatibility mode panel.

Releasing tomorrow

Tomorrow, we plan on moving from Early Access to full release. The selling price will be raised and will be announced as soon as possible. Steam may delay a bit to approve the release. In the meantime, if you are interested in buying the game, then you can still find it at a reduced price on our Steam store:

As always, your feedback is very helpful. Please share it in our forums:

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And once again, thank you all for assisting us with this endeavor!