Marching to release!

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is available to buy at a modest price from mid June in Steam Early Access store. Our next update leads Ultimate General: Gettysburg closer to final release. Multi-saves capability, Multiplayer fixes and new maps, AI & Gameplay enhances, the 4th day of the battle and other new features and improvements enrich the game experience!

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.9



  • + 3 New Multiplayer Maps: “The battle of Devil's Den”, “Conquer the map”, “The Union attacks Benner's Hill”.

  • Multiplayer avatars: 5 officers that played big role in the battle for each side can be used to personalize your profile:
    Union: Meade, Reynolds, Howard, Sickles, Buford
    Confederates: Lee, Longstreet, Ewell, Hill, Stuart

  • Multiplayer Support for MAC PC:
    *Known issues*
    - Multiplayer via Single player menu does not work yet (you can only choose from Steam launch window).
    - Some sections of the menu have very tiny letters in Retina displays.
    - Steam In-Home streaming may cause multiplayer disconnection. It is advised to turn it off or close steam in other PC of your local network while you play with your Mac.

  • Multiplayer can now be accessed from the Single Player menu (PC version).

  • Steam friend invitation is available.

  • Steam names now visible during multiplayer match under the forces bar.

  • Battle result window is more informative.

  • Various Bug fixes.

  • Several disconnection problems were fixed for multiplayer.


  • Multi-save: There is auto-save as before when you start a new battle and exit the game but you can also create your own save games (during battle go to options to save). The save stores the unit positions which are demonstrated in the preview map when you load the battle. The date and time is always visible in the battle briefing to have exact knowledge of the campaign situation.
    Note: Unit actions such as charge or retreat are not saved.

  • Final battle Statistics: When you finish the campaign you get the final report for all the units that fought the battle via Order of Battle or Full Unit list.

  • Menu music: Added music to main menu. Other music tracks pending to be added.

  • Easier custom battle unlock: After completing a battle phase you unlock the rest custom battles of the same phase. Some battles unlock only when you play them with specific side. So to unlock all scenarios you need to finish a campaign with both Union and Confederates passing through the maximum phases which are now 8.

  • Extra custom battles: All Multiplayer maps are now playable in Single Player Custom battles to practice them against the AI.

  • 3 Achievements added

Finally you can have many saves and this way you may also create your own battle situations that you wish to replay.


  • Multi-selection with lasso: Use left mouse click to create a custom area to select units. Previous functionality using the Ctrl key remains an alternative.

  • Zoom with keyboard keys: Zoom in/out with +/- keys.

Selecting multiple units is now very easy by drawing a lasso around them.


  • AI overhaul: All AI personalities will be able to attack and defend according to their special stance much more efficiently, make lines and respond to any threat. In particular the AI is now better in handling artillery, reinforcing areas and flanking. Additionally all personalities will be aggressive enough to push for an assault when it is needed to win the battle.

  • Gameplay balance fine tunes: Several important changes to all the battle mechanics, especially to morale, combat lethality and battle pace with aim to increase realism and challenge.

  • Artillery targeting major improvement: Issues that were reported should be now fixed.

  • Melee mechanics improvement: Melee will last longer and will be more bloody.

Artillery officers will now handle much better their targeting without your manual input.


  • The multi-day battle is now finalized including 4th day.

  • Numerous fixes in texts.

  • Battle Flow improvements.


  • Fixed several bugs that could result in game freezes.

  • Fixed freeze when pushing out of map units that were still in reinforcement movement mode.

  • Fixed melee tremble (flag and soldiers to move very fast left-right).

  • Fixed units cancelling their reinforcement path to target enemies from far distance, issue especially annoying for AI artillery.

  • Fixed morale not regenerating fast enough in some cases.

  • Fixed issues that could result in wrong retreat paths.

  • Fixed all remaining Decision room maps that were not visible.

  • Partial fix of units not firing enemies near them.

Melee will be more lethal but over-charging will bring your army to exhaustion much more than before. Due to this, the armies will have a tendency to rest for a while while exchanging artillery fire.


The tutorial videos we wrote about in the preview notes of the patch will be available in the next update. We would like very much to know how you find all these new improvements and await you in our much more more improved multiplayer. Your feedback is always taken into consideration. Provide it at Game-Labs Forum and  Steam Forum.

EDIT: 15/9/2014
We have uploaded the urgent hotfix version 0.91. It is first available for PC users. Mac users will get it tomorrow as soon as possible.