Patch v1.09 finalizes game content and optimizes AI

Generals, we need your attention! The game has just received a new update which makes it complete. The language translation of the newest custom battles text has been added and AI has received various improvements to become an even more challenging opponent, who will relentlessly attack your weak points and will create symmetrical and realistic fire lines around your flanks. Take a look at the changes below:

The AI will expand its forces to surround and flank player much more frequently than before.

Ultimate General: Civil War v1.09 rev. 21114

  • Further AI improvement (Flanking behaviour, Defense readiness, Territorial awareness, Line making).
  • Significant improvement of AI pressure to keep its placeholders/objectives.
  • Reduce of about 20% morale staying power of skirmishers. They will still be useful for delaying or hit and run tactics but not so exploitable from player. Popping up skirmishers everywhere to defeat the AI should not be a win option for player. Additionally AI pushing back easily player's infantry with skirmishers should not happen to an annoying level as before.
  • Added the last text translations for newest custom battles.

AI lines will be symmetrical and hard to break.

We would like to remind that Ultimate General: Civil War has received 9 small or big patches after its full release on 14/7/2017. With this latest patch we consider the game finalized in its main content and we move forwards in full speed for new projects of Ultimate General series. However, we will continuously monitor your feedback shared in our forums and will support the game for as long as needed:

Official forum: Link
Steam forum: Link


The Game-Labs Team

Steam version is updated to v1.09. Mac App Store version is going to be updated as soon as possible.