Patch v1.10 HotFix

Hello Generals,

We would like to inform you that a small update became available, addressing mainly a small bug related with a supply perk. We fixed it thanks to your feedback and added a few more improvements. Take a look what is included a few lines below.

Ultimate General: Civil War v1.10 rev.17781

  • Fixed the Generals' "Strategy" perk. Previously it was applying only inside the General's radius and not "Passively" as indicated.
  • Fixed a small fortification bug in Battle of Chancellorsville. 
  • Fixed issue in strength balance in Battle of 1st Manassas. Previously the local forces of player and AI were maximized (could reach 2,950 strength) and player forces played insignificant role in the battle.
  • Fixed a timer issue in Battle of Shiloh South Player version. The timer expired but battle did not end until the end of day.
  • Player reinforcements in Battle "Stay Alert" delay more to make the battle more challenging.
  • AI will keep more effective distance from player, thus it will protect its flanks better and attempt to flank more often.
  • AI will concentrate more effectively its forces against player's weak points.

    Your continuous feedback always helps. Share it in our forums:

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    The Game-Labs Team

    Steam version is updated first and later the rest platforms will follow up.