Patch v1.06 adds four new custom battles plus Japanese & Korean Language support

Hello again Generals,

We are happy that you enjoy the game and wish that our new update is going to increase your gameplay satisfaction. First of all, we have added four new custom battles based on the historical battles of Chickamauga, Spotsylvania Court House, Cold Harbor and Shiloh. Among several balances, fixes and improvements we have included language support for the Japanese and Korean players. Let's read what the new patch has to offer in more detail.

Ultimate General: Civil War v1.06 rev. 20596

New Battles

Added 4 custom battles raising the number of custom battles to 16. The new battles are:

  • "Chickamauga, Day 1": What if General Bragg attacked more aggressively on September 18th at the Battle of Chickamauga? Could Rosecrans defend more actively and prevent the Confederates from passing the river passages?
  • "Laurel Hill": During the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, the Union attempts to storm the lightly defended Confederate trenches at Laurel Hill. General Ewell rushes to reinforce the Rebel lines before they are overrun.
  • "Cold Harbor - CSA Right Flank": It is June 3, 1864, the third day of the Battle of Cold Harbor. Grant prepares to launch an all-out attack upon Lee's right flank. The Confederates are heavily outnumbered but possess strong ground and have built the strongest fortifications ever seen in the war.
  • "Hornet's Nest": The element of surprise is lost for the Confederates at Shiloh, yet there is still chance to attack and destroy the Union army. Grant is using the temporary delay to organize a stronger defense at Hornet's Nest.

In the new custom battle "Cold Harbor, CSA Right Flank" you fight on the wide area of Confederate right flank with maximum forces for both sides


  • AI slight balances that will make big positive differences to all aspects of AI behaviour. The AI should be in its best state ever.


  • 12Pdr Whitworth is enhanced at long range fire so it will make significant impact when firing from distance.
  • Laurel Hill's campaign battle objectives are now less strict. Player will have to keep not all objectives as before but at least two important.
  • Enhanced possible Union AI strength ratio for the Battle of 1st Manassas. Union forces could be very few compared to player's making AI hesitant to attack.
  • Enhance of possible AI strength ratio to keep interest high at mid campaign (based on feedback) and not have boring battles vs crippled AI armies. Battles affected are:
    Antietam for Confederate AI , Fredericksburg for both AI sides, Chancellorsville for Confederate AI, Gettysburg for both AI sides.
    AI will be affected the same from previous defeats but will allocate more troops to counter your army, if there are available.
  • Fixed timer issues in Battle of Stones River. Battle could be interrupted wrongly sometimes, cancelling player's capturing of critical objectives.
  • Fixed timer issues in Battle of Chancellorsville. Battle could be interrupted wrongly sometimes, cancelling player's capturing of critical objectives.
  • Fixed timer issues in Battle of Shiloh and prolonged battle end time allowing player to employ more careful tactics.
  • Replaced wrong portrait of General Grant with a face more look-alike.
  • Fixed wrong display of Victory Text Message after a defeat in Washington.

The new custom battle "Chickamauga, Day 1" finds a small Union force defending a large territory vs superior Confederate forces. Bragg could end the battle on this day if he attacked boldly... can you?


  • Added support for the Korean and Japanese languages. Please note that the new battles will have some missing translations that will be added as soon as possible.

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The Game-Labs Team

Ultimate General: Civil War has become available on Mac App Store! It is currently at a partial update version not including all improvements of v1.06, but is going to be updated ASAP.
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