Patch v1.05 offering two new custom battles plus improvements

Hello Generals,

We hope you had -or you are still having- great summer holidays. We would like to add something to your enjoyment by offering a new game update. Two new custom battles and various game improvements are included. Have a look below:

Ultimate General: Civil War v1.05 rev. 20460


  • New Custom Battle "Culp's Hill": On the night of July 2nd the Confederates attack Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill. The Union will be greatly challenged in this major speculative engagement.
  • New Custom Battle "Stony Ridge": What if Major General Pope was more cautious and instead of attacking piecemeal, he made a more coordinated assault on August 29 at 2nd Battle of Bull Run? You will find out in this new custom battle.


  • AI fine tunes to become even more responsive to threats. The AI should evaluate better the territorial needs for reinforcing with sufficient units, especially when in defense.

The new custom battle "CULP'S HILL"


  • Fixed issues that resulted in overpowered merged units that were created by player. Players used to exploit merged divisions to inflict more casualties to the AI but now this should not happen.
  • Skirmishers are slightly less resistant in rifle fire morale shocks. This way they cannot be overpowered and exploitable by players as before, but their role will continue to be significant.
  • Cannons further rebalance as per feedback. Cannons affected are:
    - Reduced slightly short distance/canister damage for 10 Pdr Parrot and 24Pdr Howitzer. 
    - Balanced better the long range damage for 10 Pdr Tredegar, 12Pdr WhitWorth, 14Pdr James, 6Pdr Wiard Rifle, 20Pdr Parrot (Addressing underpowered or overpowered cases).
    *Thanks* to our volunteer tester "The Soldier" for his help on this subject and his great guide that you can read here:
  • Fixed Confederate Militia Division that was equipped with old muskets in custom battle "Hardin Pike". Now they will have standard Springfield rifles.
  • Balanced better the AI strength for Gettysburg Campaign version so that there will be more chances to be one of the most decisive and difficult battles you will fight. In lower difficulty levels it was possible to win rather easily, even on the 1st day.
  • In Battle of 2nd Bull Run (North Campaign version) the player forces will arrive not all together on the 1st day for the vanguard corps but gradually (and more realistically), so the battle will have more chances to be fought historically through out all possible phases.
  • Increased Battle End Timer limit for battles of Mansfield and Battle of Saunders Farm to allow player using more cautious tactics if needed.
  • Fixed major issue with custom battle "Potomac River" that made most units unavailable for Confederate player.

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The Game-Labs Team