Patch v1.04 introducing "Oblique" control

Since the full release we have offered one content patch and two hotfixes. The support continues with a new update which introduces a new way to control your brigades. By using the right click button and rotating you execute the "Oblique" maneuver to keep the unit's facing towards the closest enemy. The new patch brings also two brand new custom battles and several improvements. Let's take a look below:

Ultimate General: Civil War v1.04 rev20318


  • New Custom Battle "Gettysburg, Day 1": The map is enlarged including more tactical options for both sides. Corps can be assigned to arrive with historical order or differently as you prefer. "Archer", "Davis", "Cutler" and "Iron Brigade" come as full brigades and not regiments.
  • New Custom Battle "Hardin Pike": A speculative battle that is based on the historical Battle of Nashville. The Confederates must storm the Union's complex fortification network and conquer two strongholds.

Scene from the new custom battle "HARDIN PIKE"


  • Oblique Mode: New control feature that works when you use right click and rotation gesture. Unit will move to enemy without exposing flanks. The video shows the functionality:
Demonstration of the new control feature "Oblique Movement"
  • Units will now auto-turn to face nearest threat after completing a retreat. This fix reduces greatly the level of micromanagement needed for maintaining your lines.


  • AI repairs/Fine tunes: AI has received balance and repairs so that it merges much less its lines and has enhanced territorial awareness. You should notice an AI that will desire to actively defend and attack with more persistence than before and with more rapid responses.


  • Reduced number of units for CSA defender in custom battle "Mule Shoe" to make the battle more challenging for the Confederate player.
  • Reduced number of involved units in custom battle "Nashville Pike" with aim to make the battle more interesting for both sides.
  • Fixed issue on some Custom Battles that did not have proper Corps limit according to battle requirement.
  • Fixed a possible timer issue in End of 1st Day for Battle of Shiloh and End of 2nd Day for Battle of Gettysburg. This problem could make the battle continue, although player had captured the critical objective.
  • Enhanced long range damage of special rifle cannons: 6pdr Wiard, 10pdr Tredegar, 12pdr Whitworth, 14pdr James, 20pdr Parrot. Now these cannons should be much more useful in relation to their price. (Balance not final, a hotfix will arrive ASAP).
  • Two minor text corrections in Quotes.


  • Sound Repairs/Improvements: The Battle Sounds have been updated to be now richer and more immersive.

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