Patch v1.01 with the definite retreat fix and new battles!


The war is continuing after the full release! We had to address a few more things you have rightfully reported and also proceed to adding more content in the custom battle list. So here we have now the new patch which brings the following:

Ultimate General: Civil War v1.01 rev. 20217


  • Custom Battle "Nashville Pike": The Confederates must conquer the heavy Union entrenchments near Stones River.
  • Custom Battle "Mule Shoe": The Union has to charge and break Lee's superior defenses at Spotsylvania Court House.
  • Custom Battle "Devil's Den": The 2nd Day epic engagement of the Battle of Gettysburg in a special extended version.
    Note: Some new texts will be untranslated until we finish with all new custom battles that will be offered gradually in future patches.

The new custom battle "Nashville Pike"


  • AI repairs/fine tunings so that it makes more coherent lines, has improved charging decisions, flanks and reacts promptly.


  • Major retreat logic overhaul that fixes issues with the opposite retreat direction that could happen quite frequently in some maps or when melee was resulting in units passing through each other. The retreat/fall back direction should be working in the best possible way now.
  • Fixed player exploit that stopped AI charge by detaching skirmishers. AI should now be determined to attack you without exploitable interruptions :)
  • Fixed selection rectangle for 4K monitors.
  • Fixed a targeting issue with skirmishers which were unable to follow their target if it was wavering or retreating.

The new custom battle "Mule Shoe"


  • Improved Trees' resolution/appearance.
  • Cavalry has improved animation when moving and fighting with melee.
  • Fixed US Vertical Flag to have the Blue Field on the upper left corner (previously it was on the right).
  • Fixed pink screen when game was started in OpenGL mode.

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The Game-Labs Team