Patch v0.75 unleashing the Battle of Gettysburg!


We are happy to announce the new game update which expands the campaign to the battle of Gettysburg and offers several new battles, fixes and improvements.

The battle of Gettysburg can last up to four days, depending on the situation, and its outcome will play crucial role in the campaign, when the next stages will be complete.

The armies meet on july 1st 1863

The Gettysburg campaign includes one smaller engagement for each side, "Battle of 2nd Winchester" for the Union and "Battle of Brandy Station" for the Confederates.

In order to enjoy one of the most decisive moments of the famous Battle of Gettysburg we've also added the new custom battle "Pickett's charge", that includes many thousands of soldiers to please your needs for epic charges!

In addition to the new game content we have addressed several issues that you have reported to us and improved the game in various aspects, including the AI, with aim to enhance further the battle experience and challenge.

Confederates attack at Culp's Hill

Have a look at the summary of changes below:

Patch 0.75 rev18265

New Features

  • The Historical battle of Gettysburg.
  • Campaign expanded to Gettysburg phase and includes 2 additional smaller engagements + the special campaign version of the battle of Gettysburg.
  • New custom battle: "Pickett's charge".
  • Supply wagon can be set to supply All/Small Arms/Artillery. By default it will work as previously by supplying all units within its radius. (Tooltips are temporarily missing)
  • Skirmishers functionality improved. Skirmishers will stand on Hold mode and will evade more efficiently by keeping a safe distance and shoot constantly. 
  • Fortifications major fix overhaul. Now fortifications will not cause previous targeting problems (no firing) and according to their type they will be more vulnerable from flanks/rear. So fortifications, especially in Fredericksburg will be able to break sooner if one side is overwhelmed by flank fire. Also fortifications have now proper distribution of soldiers and no gaps that could cause melee issues.


  • Fixed major bug that made AI to stall in a defensive formation and not actively attack or defend elsewhere.
  • AI balanced to be more effective and active overall.
  • Fixed AI bugged state that interrupted its actions resulting in doing less damage in shooting and melee.


  • Melee is balanced so that frontal charges are less effective while flank/rear attacks will continue to be powerful but for a limited time, so melee attacks have to be better organized to be successful.
  • Reduced Shock cavalry melee strength as it was overpowered.
  • Further 20 Pdr cannon rifle enhance.
  • Balanced better the previously overpowered skirmishers
  • Reduced the melee rating of Springfield 1861/1863 and Fayatteville because they were overpowered.
  • Fortifications receive more morale impact by firing at them, especially at flanks.

Pickett's charge battle event


  • Fixed issue that prevented the possibility to win the Battle of Chancellorsville as Confederate on the 1st day and also improved AI and timing of missions.
  • Various minor fixes in some battles.
  • Fixed some major issues in damage system that could overpower units, especially those belonging to player.
  • Fixed bugged Kill ratio condition in multiday battles (It counted only last played day or session).
  • Fixed pathfinding errors that could make reinforcement units to move on the sides of the map instead of forwards.
  • Fixed player formation inconsistencies.


  • Improved selection/drag arrow responsiveness/sensitivity.

At this point we want to sincerely thank again the guys who have helped us enormously with their volunteered testing to finalize the new game update:

  • Koro
  • Col_Kelly
  • GeneralPITA
  • CSA Watkins
  • Mr. Mercanto

It was our duty to inform you. Now you can advance to battle and if you have anything to report, please do so in our forums:

Official forum: Link
Steam forum: Link


The Game-Labs Team