Patch 0.76 with the Battle of Chickamauga!

Greeting Generals,

We offer another update, expanding the campaign to late 1863 in the Western Theater. Through the thick forested areas of Chickamauga Creek you will fight your next grand battle and relive the tactical challenges of Rosecrans and Bragg.

The game has received several fixes and improvements based on your recent very helpful feedback. The AI became more effective and charge logic bugs have been fixed. Bugs regarding cavalry cover penalties, retreat and other factors of battle gameplay, have been addressed. Finally, it has been fixed a bug that could cause very large AI armies in campaign, especially in the smaller engagements. Read below the list of the most important changes:

Attempting to break the CSA right flank

Version 0.76 rev18533


  • Battle of Chickamauga added to the Historical Battles list.
  • Campaign is expanded to next phase that includes the Battle of Chickamauga and one smaller battle for each side.


  • Increased further the long range damage of 20Pdr Cannons.
  • Gettysburg battle improvements/fixes make it more challenging for both sides.
  • Chancellorsville time to capture is longer so player cannot "steal" victory as before.
  • Shiloh historical battle improved for North side (Union reinforcements arrived too early before, spoiling the true nature of the battle which was a Confederate ambush).


  • Fixed bug that made Cavalry melee penalty in forests and fortifications to not work. Now cavalry will have a more realistic role in the battlefield without being overpowered.
  • Fixed problem in campaign AI strength scaling. Previously the AI armies could be extremely overpowered depending on Corps nbr of player, especially in small battles.
  • Some bug fixes that could result in battle freezes.
  • Fixed retreat path issues. Now retreat directions should be much better.
  • Fixed save bug that re-initiliazed the objectives conditions, corrupting the battle results to inconsistent states.


  • Fixed AI bugs (Charge decision loop, Hold position loop), that could make it inefficient or overaggressive.
  • Balanced AI to decide charging better over a wider area of enemies and enhanced it's ability to encircle, flank.

La Fayette road breached by the Confederates

Testers Credits

  • Koro
  • Col_Kelly
  • CSA Watkins
  • Mr. Mercanto
  • Andre Bolkonsky

We hope you like the new content and improvements. Your feedback, as always, will be much appreciated!

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The Game-Labs Team