Patch v0.74 offers 10 more battles + Mac Support

Hello Generals!

We are very glad to announce our next game content update. The new patch adds two new historical battles, the "Battle of Stones River" and "Battle of Chancellorsville" and expands the campaign up to May 1863. In total, we offer 10 new battles in the campaign. Furthermore, we improved the game regarding AI and fixed several issues that you reported. You can take a look of the changes in the list below:

Patch 0.74 rev17880

New features

  • New historical "Battle of Stones River".
  • New historical "Battle of Chancellorsville".
  • Campaign expanded up to "Battle of Chancellorsville" phase. The campaign expansion includes 10 different battles: 4 small engagements for each side and the special campaign versions of "Battle of Stones River" and "Battle of Chancellorsville".
  • New campaign difficulty "Legendary mode", suitable only for the players who strive for extreme challenge.

Battle of Chancellorsville

AI improvements

  • Fixed some bugs in AI decisions and now AI should more properly reinforce and attack areas, strongly and decisively when needed.
  • Improved AI artillery efficiency. AI cannons should support better and at closer distance the infantry.


  • Fixed very low damage in high cover places, such as dense forest areas. The previous low damage could make flanking maneuvers obsolete, confuse AI and prolong fire fights too much.
  • Fixed very low damage of 20Pdr Parrots.
  • 2nd Manassas Battle has more Confederate Veterans opponents in campaign version (battle should be more difficult for the Union).
  • Campaign AI opponent scaling is better balanced.
  • Battle of Fredericksburg "remastered". It includes one more phase making it more challenging for both sides.

Battle of Stones River

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that made reload rate to decrease and not to increase according to firepower rating. This affects damage and AI decisions positively.
  • Improved some retreat direction issues.
  • Fixed some bugs that could cause Freezes.


  • Several text improvements/fixes based on your reports.
New difficulty mode only for the bravest!

New difficulty mode only for the bravest!

We are always happy to read your feedback that helps us to understand your needs and improve the game more!

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The Game-Labs Team

Mac Support has been added with a bonus update. Read HERE!