Patch v0.70 with Battle of Fredericksburg!

This game update took longer than we estimated but we hope it was worth it. The main reason of the delay was the performance optimization which we had to offer to help low-end systems to play the upcoming bigger battles with no issues.

The new patch expands the campaign to the Battle of Fredericksburg and brings several new smaller battles for each side. You can now affect the size, training or weapons of AI armies by winning battles so your success or failures play bigger role in the campaign. Many other improvements include bug and problem fixes that you had reported. Take a look of the most important changes in our changelog.

The Battle of Fredericksburg at "Marye's heights"

Version 0.70 rev17616

New features

  • Dynamic connection between battles. Now the outcome of battles affects greatly your future engagements. By defeating the enemy soundly you can reduce his armies, morale, weapons quality and level of training. You can check your next battles in the right top corner of reward window. You will find an icon that informs of the needed requirements to trigger this special new reward.
  • New historical battle: "The Battle of Fredericksburg". 
  • Campaign expanded beyond Antietam. 4 different battles added (Two for each side) and the special campaign version of Battle of Fredericksburg.
  • Speculative Battle of South Mountain is radically improved (Found in "Maryland campaign" for North). Map changed to match more the historical facts.
  • Added "Goal" tab in battle statistics window which shows the fulfilled objective conditions.
  • New Custom battle functionality that allows the battle to be played fast with pre-configured armies (randomized) or to create a custom army using an amount of resources. Custom battles list will be enriched in next updates.
  • Performance optimization that was necessary and delayed the patch is finished and should increase FPS in all systems and make big battles to play out smoother.


  • AI improved to be more efficient and effective overall.
  • AI behaviour to flank and avoid flanking enhanced greatly.
  • Fixed some code bugs that could make AI to not calculate properly obstacles and not evaluate properly its goals.

Campaign balances

  • Hard and Normal levels re-balanced. Hard mode should be more challenging and Normal balanced better to offer more challenge without overpowered AI opponents. Together with the new feature of Dynamic connection between battles, the campaign should be now even more interesting.
  • Withdrawing from battle will result always to defeat, unless it is allowed in some special ambush battles.
  • Removed Reynolds, Meade from free rewards after battle of 2nd Manassas. These elite generals can be purchased from the Government.
  • Defeat in Antietam has less reputation impact, now that the campaign is expanded.

The Battle of Fredericksburg in "Prospect Hill" area

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that made Historical battles AI opponent to have lower strength and attributes from player.
  • Fixed friendly fire that was working wrongly for infantry making it very often to fire through other units and cause several targeting issues.
  • Fixed captured weapons that appeared to be rescued in statistics window.
  • Various bug fixes that could cause freeze during gameplay.
  • Fixed some graphical distortions related to buildings.
  • Fixed problem in Confederate "Ambush Convoy" battle that would not give victory even though all supply wagons were captured.
  • Fixed several map pathfinding problems.
  • Fixed bugs in retreat direction system. Retreat should be now much more efficient and not pass through enemies. 
  • Fixed bug in melee that caused units to move rapidly back and forth.
  • Fixed problems that could make game to not launch in some systems. We added also a special bug report button, that you can use to send us your information about the technical issue you anticipate together with your contact email, so we can reach you if needed.
  • Fixed bug that allowed to drag and drop brigades/divisions to Corps that could not support them.
  • Fixed supply wagon health that was not replenishing in next battles.


  • Controls support for AZERTY keyboards.
  • Added support for zoom with +/- keys.
  • Added option to deactivate double left-click Charge.
  • Discarded previous buggy Ctrl+Right click logic.
  • Group movement takes into consideration non-passable areas correcting previous pathfinding problems.


  • Fixed a few guide text errors. 
  • Fixed some campaign map too long battle titles.
  • Fixed lowercase letters in Corps deployment zones.
  • Fixed wrong indication for 6pdr cannons.
  • Various text fixes based on your feedback.

The new icon describes the effect of your previous battles


  • Added correct insignia for the Confederates.
  • Several maps got proper terrain modifiers for swampy/muddy terrain, such as in Shiloh, Gaines' Mill, Malvern Hill battles. Tactics will have to be re-examined because it will be extremely costly to pass with your army from these regions.
  • Sound improvements in camp interface and menu.

The new changes may have affected AI & Gameplay positively or negatively. Please let us know of any problem you may anticipate and we will try to solve it.

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The Game-Labs Team