Patch 0.68 "Our first big update"

Hello Generals,

We are happy to announce our first big update of Ultimate General: Civil War. It includes a comprehensive in-game guide to help not only the beginners but also those who would like to know a few more details about the game and its basic mechanics.

The in-game guide is available when you click the "?" icon in the upper left corner, at any time while you play.

The tutorial videos of the manual can also be found directly in our YouTube channel.

We also enabled many Steam Achievements. You can check how to unlock all the included achievements in this link.

The rest of the update offers several fixes and improvements based on your amazing and continuous feedback. Let's have a look at all the changes.

Patch 0.68 rev17170

New features

  • Enabled Steam Achievements for campaign and historical battles.
  • In-Game Guide added. The Ultimate General: Civil War manual covers all the basic aspects of gameplay and should help everyone to get started with the game.
  • Added message after the end of Battle of Antietam that the campaign shall continue when more battles are added. An auto-save is created to ensure you can continue later from this stage.


  • AI will be able to make more solid lines and protect its flanks better.
  • AI will desire to flank more and keep safe distance when needed.
  • AI will not merge into very dense, inefficient formations as before.
  • AI will be able to defend much more resiliently.

AI will defend fortifications and strategic areas intensively.

General gameplay

  • Increased fall back duration and nullified speed penalty of wavering/retreat so units disengage more easily from each other. Previously they would melee for too long.

Campaign balances

  • When a brigade is created, the most experienced officer is auto-assigned from barracks.
  • Player receives 100% of weapons from captured units.
  • Confederates in Battle of Malvern Hill (North Campaign) will be not so well equipped as before.
  • The Union in Battle of Shiloh (South Campaign) may be less in numbers with more probability.
  • Fixed wrong date of "River Crossing" Battle.
  • In "River Crossing" battle the AI will have more brigades but smaller.
  • In battles of "Crossroads" and "Cross keys" the AI will have better distribution of forces, more units but smaller.
  • Reduced reputation cost of Government items about -25%.
  • Economy now not only reduces weapons prices but also reduces prices for Officers and increases sell prices.
  • 2nd phase of first campaign battles resets morale and ammo for player's army.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed XXXX officer name.
  • Fixed wrong number of guns in battle recon bar.
  • Fixed issue that made possible to order items from Government with not enough reputation.
  • Fixed bug of deployed units that were placed outside of the battlefield.
  • Fixed multiple issues with battle restart.
  • Fixed multiple issues with advisor hints.
  • Fixed bugs that caused units to freeze at map corners.
  • Fixed pathfinding bugs for group movement.
  • Fixed bugs that happened when units collided with each other.
  • Fixed resolution issues that could make some systems unable to launch the game.
  • Various bug fixes that resulted in game freezing.


  • Improved cannon shot craters appearance.


  • Toned down some camp sounds that were too loud.


  • Now it's possible to save in first campaign battles.
  • Added VSync option. This should fix the issue of very high fps in menu for some systems.
  • Added name sorting in officer list.
  • Saves are sorted into list.
  • A few text fixes. Among those text fixes is a wrong message about Cavalry reinforcements in Gaines' Mill which was misconceived by many players as missing reinforcements.
  • Battle will not end suddenly when an objective is contested due to timer. If you find this issue happening in any more battles, please report with F11.

Now we can advance to Fredericksburg and more new battles! As always, your feedback helps us to make the game better. Write to us in our forums:

Official forum: Link
Steam forum: Link


The Game-Labs Team