Gameplay hotfix v1.11

We perfect the latest big update with a quick gameplay & AI hotfix which is based on the first feedback we got. Additionally, the Multiplayer is better balanced and challenging for any side you choose to play.

  • AI behaves more realistically and decides to charge less frequently.
  • AI makes better lines and protects flanks more.
  • AI run decisions do not swap so frequently as before.
  • AI is more sensible and keeps distance when overwhelmed without risking more casualties. This behaviour depends on the personality and is more frequent for the defensive AI characters.
  • Slight reduce in combat tempo/battle speed to feel more realistic.
  • Column formation is not so fast moving as before.
  • Moving in column and advance will have severe penalty in casualties if executed near enemies.
  • Union infantry has more morale to be able to hold their defensive formations. This change affects especially the multiplayer as the Union was quite underpowered in latest patch in online matches.
  • Various gameplay balances for not having overpowered Confederates and also have more challenge whichever side you choose to play.
  • Units' reload slower while they move so that advancing to a defensive position will be even more difficult for attackers.
  • Increased projectile lethality that makes battles more realistic and difficult to predict. A single mistake can cost the lives of many and the battle to be lost prematurely, especially in multiplayer.
  • "Chance to change history" map which simulates the whole first day of the battle has been expanded more south so that the fighting at Cemetery hill area has more room for tactics.
  • A battle of third day, which leads to the conflict on Benner's Hill with the Union line overstretched is balanced better (it was favoring too much the Confederates).
  • "Ewell advances", "Meeting at Cemetery Ridge" "Union attacks Benner's Hill". "The Confederates attack Seminary Ridge" multiplayer maps got new balances. More or less troops for each side or reinforcement time tweaks. 

Having recently updated the game twice we hope you like all the new changes and improvements. Your feedback, as always, is much appreciated and considered. You can share it on Steam Forum and Game-Labs Forum.

The New update has just been available for Steam Windows, Linux, Mac users.

Mac Store version will be updated soon.