Updates for PC/iOS version


All Generals be alerted! Ultimate General: Gettysburg for PC receives major AI & gameplay improvements with patch 1.3. We have addressed many problems which you have reported in our forums, including the multiplayer imbalances.


  • AI is more positional, protects defensive ground and objectives more persistently. 
  • AI will respond faster to player's threats.  
  • AI will decide to charge with better decision making.  
  • AI uses Generals more efficiently. 
  • AI Union will choose always to defend its ground in phase 2 and not withdraw south to Cemetery ridge area.
  • AI will choose to fall back when needed more efficiently.
  • AI will press the attack more on weakened areas of your army. 
  • AI protects flanks more.
  • AI overall attacks and defends more efficiently, making lines, flanking and deploying cannons on hills.
  • Fix of bug that could cause player units to have enhanced charge and ranged attack vs AI.
  • Fix of internal AI clocking which could cause freeze on low-end machines.

Union Cunning AI making "fish-hook formation" to defend cemetery hill


  • Various fixes in targeting for better auto-management of units, especially the artillery.
  • USA vs CSA balance of military strength is better balanced. The Confederates should not be overpowered now. 
  • Union and Confederate Generals have increased command radius for better management of their units.
  • Fatigue balanced so that charge and run has more cost. Now, over-charging your troops will usually have negative impact.
  • Melee now endures more and can be devastating.
  • Melee mechanics improved. Soldiers group to attack better.
  • Artillery has less cover bonus (it was requested so infantry has better chances to assault fortified artillery positions + artillery fire fights become more interesting).
  • Artillery has been rebalanced so that solid shots are more useful from long range while Shell and Canister are still devastating for the attackers.
  • Slocum may arrive sooner in some battles when Union is desperate to defend.
  • Multiplayer battles slight re-balances on some maps. With the new gameplay changes, the Confederates will no longer be overpowered but will continue to be superior in their spirited charges and in morale.
  • Column is now more vulnerable to melee and ranged combat attacks. You should think twice now to use such "irregular" tactics in your multiplayer matches.

Risky CSA AI general decides to quickly charge with all his infantry the union center, early in the morning of 2nd july, before the player's reinforcements arrive


  • Battles of 2nd Day morning in which Union prepares for major counter attack the battle duration is now longer (it was too short in some battles).
  • Some 3rd day battles got improvements (better positioning of units, objectives captured faster per second, position of Union XI corps replaced with VI corps as more rested and logical to be used.
  • Union VI Corps participates in more speculative 3rd day battles. Reinforces Union Defenses more logically on the critical battles.
  • Union reinforcements do not delay so much to arrive in the first battle.


  • Unit formations bend more realistically on hills, increasing the 3D terrain perception.

The  3d perception of the map is improved in the new patch, as the units bend their formations according to terrain cover and height much better than previous versions.

ULTIMATE GENERAL: GETTYSBURG v1.11 patch (iOS version)

The iPad version receives also an important update, which adds the automatic battle save that you requested. So now you will no longer lose your battle progress if you accidentaly close the game application in your device.

We will be glad to receive your feedback in our forums and we hope that this update improves the gameplay experience for you:
- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum

The PC Mac App Store version is not yet updated to patch 1.3 but will be ASAP in the following days. We are sorry for this inconvenience. In the meantime, please do not use multiplayer with Mac App Store version because it will be incompatible with other platform players.