Patch 1.1 Released!

The much anticipated update of Ultimate General: Gettysburg is finally ready! Artillery limbering, Night battles, Melee & Fire and many AI enhancements enrich the gameplay experience. Read what is new below:


  • Melee and Fire: Units will be able to shoot each other while in melee creating a realistic battle havoc.
  • Night, Dawn and Evening Battles: You will feel the importance of daylight that changes dynamically according to time of day and affects the visibility and accuracy of your units. Especially the speculative night battles of the 2nd day offer a spectacular variance to the epic conflict between the two sides.
  • Artillery limbering: Battles become much more realistic with this feature. To enable you simply draw a large enough movement arrow and the artillery will auto-limber and deploy to destination.
  • New icons indicate in Morale bar if the unit is at melee, is targeted or receives a morale boost from its general.
  • New icons indicate not only the kills but also the losses of units (for General units too).

Maneuver your cannons fast using the artillery limbering.


  • Fix of some reinforcements delaying too much to arrive.
  • Fix of some multiplayer objectives not being able to be captured easily.
  • Fix of very small battle delay for battle "Chance to change history".
  • Fix of some reinforcement units not positioned properly at arrival point.
  • "Conquer the map" scenario is rebalanced because previously it was heavily favoured for the Union.
  • "Ewell advances" is rebalanced to increase the tension of fight. More Confederates and Union reinforcements arrive.
  • "The Confederates counterattack Seminary Ridge" map is smaller and received balance to be interesting to play for both sides.
  • "Chance to change history" map is now simulating the full day 1 of the battle, from the morning when Buford tries to delay the Confederates, till the evening when the Confederates swarm the Union forces.
  • Fix of multiplayer army force bars that could show wrong balance of power.
  • Fix of multiplayer losses/kills that could differ in the end result.
  • +1 New Multiplayer map "Night Assault".

New multiplayer map "Night Assault". Defend as Confederates against a much larger Union army.


  • AI will evaluate strategic positions and cover much more efficiently.
  • AI will be able to choose to double quick its units when it is needed, a behaviour that up to now worked only for the human player and could be used to overwhelm the AI. 
  • AI will be able to deploy artillery even better, to gain fire superiority from distance or support fire lines.
  • AI will use its Generals much more effectively, supporting needed areas of the conflict.
  • AI will manually fall back as the human player much more efficiently.
  • AI will make defensive line formations facing always the nearest threat as a human player.
  • Slight reduce of artillery vulnerability to direct ranged attack (requested in forum).
  • Some undesirable too slow soldier movement issues are resolved.
  • Artillery is more effective from medium/long range. Especially the Confederate artillery got an additional increase in effectiveness.
  • Combat balance overhaul with aim to intensify defensive positions value and make charge decisions more crucial.


  • Multiple fixes and improvements for proper continuation of the battle.
  • CSA Johnson Division may arrive at the 3rd battle phase of the 1st day.
  • Stannard's Brigade may reinforce Cemetery Hill if the 2nd battle phase of the 1st day is delayed enough.

Responsive AI that presses on the attack with multiple charges at weak spots of your army.


  • Improvement on how unit formations bend on hills that increases the 3D depth perception.
  • Intensification of soldier unit shadows for better perception of 3D depth. (You need to enable shadows from the graphics options to see this subtle effect).
  • Removal of Tilt-Shift option because it could not work well with the night battles. We may re-add later an improved version.


  • Fix of music volume reseting after a play session.
  • Major Fix of AI bug ignoring sometimes the nearby threats and exposing flanks (AI zombie fix).
  • Fix random freeze when exiting MP menu.
  • Fix of "traitor" bug that could result units to target friendlies.
  • Fix of "ghost" bug that made units to target dead enemies.
  • Fix of saves sometimes malfunctioning AI and melee collision. 
  • Fix of targeting bug that sometimes made units to not fire at a targeted enemy.


  • Global chat added to waiting room of a battle, so that you can ask others to join you (we may implement in a next patch).
  • Fix of a crash bug when using Steam chat (Unity bug related with Windows 8.1 that could not be fully fixed - If you anticipate this issue on a Windows system then make the exe of the game, both single player and multiplayer, to run on Windows 7 compatibility mode).


We would like to thank the following volunteer testers who have helped us a lot to finalise this patch with detailed feedback and bug reports. Their assistance, with no doubt, it was of professional level. Their forum names are:


Randall C. Reed

This update radically improves and enhances the game. We hope you will enjoy it and we will be glad to receive your feedback at Game-Labs Forum and Steam Forum.

Patch 1.1 is released first on Steam. On Mac Store and other sales platforms it will be available in the coming days.

A small advice to everyone. Do not use old saves because they may be broken in various ways due to new code. They might not load at all. Please play new campaigns.