Available on Mac App Store!

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now available on Mac App Store! If you wanted to buy the game only via Apple's exclusive digital store for your Mac, then follow the below link:

The Mac App Store version of Ultimate General: Gettysburg is exactly the same with this on Steam, patched to latest build revision 1.03. You will be able to find each other in Multiplayer for both platforms and the game will be synced with the latest updates as soon as they are available.

More coming on January

Besides the additional store support, this month we are going to offer exciting things. First of all, it is scheduled for next week to release a big update v1.1 with many improvements and fixes. The greatest will be the AI enhance which will fight very similarly as a human opponent, evaluating cover, defensive positions and maintain formations like never before. Additionally, the long-awaited special iOS version of Ultimate General: Gettysburg will soon be released. Ultimate General: Gettysburg on iPad will offer you a different gameplay flavour, some new interesting features and fluid touch controls. If you want additional information then visit our forums and sites:

Official forum
Steam forum