Patch v0.80 finalizing the game


The campaign has reached its final stage and provides the opportunity to achieve total victory either as a Confederate or Union commander. If you fight for the Rebels, you are going to witness the zenith of challenge in Washington. If you belong to the Union, you will advance to the immensely fortified Richmond in an attempt to take it.

But beware! The AI has been improved again, and so your tactical steps must be careful. The good news is that there have been various fixes and improvements thanks to your continuous reports and so your armies will have better support and more chances to succeed.

Preparing to attack Washington!

Furthermore, you can test your skills in the new custom battles and if you are French, German, Chinese, Spanish or Russian you will be happy to enjoy the full translation of the game to your language. Before you proceed to battle, it is advised to read the list of changes and improvements. Carry on Generals!

Ultimate General: Civil War v0.80 rev19527

Multi-Language Support

  • Full translation to 5 more languages. The supported languages are: English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian.


  • "Battle of Fort Stevens" that finishes Cold Harbor phase for the Union campaign.
  • Final campaign phase for the Union, including the epic Battle of Richmond and two smaller battles.
  • Final campaign phase for the Confederates, featuring the epic Battle of Washington and two smaller battles.
  • New custom battle "Marye's Heights" featuring the most important phase of the Battle of Fredericksburg with expanded map and more tactical challenges.
  • New custom battle "Battle of Philippi" enhancing the fist small battle of the Union campaign and allowing to play it for both sides.
  • New custom battle "Potomac Fort" altering the fist small battle of the Confederate campaign into a larger and more difficult tactical experience.

Conflict at Fort DeRussy, a Union fortification near Washington.


  • AI has been further enhanced to pressure more on the objectives and cover all ground offensively or defensively where needed.
  • AI has been improved in its territorial awareness and protection of flanks.
  • AI uses artillery more effectively to attack or defend.


  • Fortification fire arc fixes, addressing several targeting problems.
  • Several text fixes in preparation for the fully localized content in many languages.
  • Fixed bug in historical battles that gave to the AI inferior weapons in average instead of using historical settings.
  • Fixed timer issues in Battle of Gettysburg 2nd Day that could help player to steal victory, snapping objectives at the end of time.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Confederate infantry to inflict slightly less damage.
  • Balanced Overland Campaign battle rewards to give incentive for player to fight the smaller battles and attempt to grow his army.
  • Increased slightly 24pdr Howitzer ammo cost (as compensation of Howitzer's large lethality).
  • Increased slightly 20pdr Parrots accuracy.
  • Increased Corps max supply cost from 25000 to 35000 (it was a wide request).
  • Fixed an issue that caused AI campaign opponent strength to be either underpowered in some early battles or overpowered in many late battles.
  • Increased the availability of low cost musket rifles in late campaign for both sides, so player can have enough weapons for his army.
  • Artillery above 12 pieces will inflict about +12.5% more damage than before, making large batteries even more useful.

Assaulting Richmond's forts!

Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed some letters in the campaign map that were not showing up correctly.
  • Improved visualization of map edges, that now show more clearly the ground elevation.
  • Fixed some graphical distortions in map of Antietam.

Special Thanks

We want to thank again the dedicated volunteer testers who helped us to shape up the quality of the new patch.

  • Koro
  • Col_Kelly
  • CSA Watkins
  • Wright29
  • The Soldier
  • Andre Bolkonsky
  • JonnyH13
  • Mr. Mercanto

Generals, you know the drill already! We will be happy to receive your feedback that will assist us to bring the game to perfection before the full release.

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The Game-Labs Team