Patch v0.90 transforming the campaign

Dear Generals,

The war is continuing and all your reports have been acknowledged. We are now proud to announce a new campaign feature that aims to completely resolve the unfavorable AI scaling.

The AI could become overpowered because there was no way to inflict army attrition to your opponent. Now the AI opponent has dynamic manpower, training and weapons and you are able to affect those directly when you inflict enemy casualties in battle. The army size represents the strength of AI armies that directly oppose you. The AI will use soldiers from this pool in the battles. If the strength gets reduced to a critically low level, you are going to notice that the AI will not have enough power to outnumber or outgun you.

Consequently, as the war progresses, your successes have much more significant impact on your AI opponent. Fail to gain the advantage and you will see the opposite picture. All in all, the campaign should now feel more dynamic and natural and due to various random events, that are revealed to you in form of urgent messages or captured correspondence from your Intelligence service, each campaign play session can turn out much differently, depending on situations and difficulty level.

Except from this brand new campaign system, we addressed several issues that you have reported with your valuable feedback. Here is the content of this patch, in a brief summary.

Ultimate General: Civil War v0.90 rev19761


  • Major new feature adding dynamic Manpower and resources for the AI opponent. The new "Intelligence Service" window shown on the map indicates the AI's army size, training and weapon level. The "Report" button reveals intercepted or urgent messages that inform about enemy reinforcements or when AI receives more weapons and training. The difficulty levels have been revamped from the ground up to offer challenge but also many more chances to win your AI opponent by attrition, as it was able to do for you previously.

    Note: Due to all the fixes made based on your feedback, regarding the overpowered AI opponent and the new manpower system, the "Fixed Size" of the Easy mode has been removed, as it is now obsolete.

*Disclaimer: Image shows beta content*The new "Intelligence Service" Tab appears on the upper right corner of campaign map and reveals info about your AI opponent


  • Minor improvements so that AI flanks more and has better territorial perception. The new changes affect and improve overall the AI and its charging decisions.


  • Flanking fire has more impact rewarding more the effective tactics.
  • Melee strength has been increased slightly about +10% compensating for the collision box fixes mentioned below.
  • Increased availability of several infantry weapons and few cannons for the Union, to make Armory shortages less probable.
  • Added Supply Wagons for Union army in Battle of Washington.
  • Reduced flanking penalty for some fence types of fortifications that were rather weak.
  • Units will surrender sooner if fully surrounded by enemies.

*Disclaimer: Image shows beta content* Captured messages or Direct Reports from your Intelligence Service show when AI receives more reinforcements, special training or sophisticated weapons


  • Fixed collision boxes problems that could cause the following issues: Units firing behind obstacles, melee damage to become zero and cause "sticking" with enemies, targeting problems in tall forts, AI inconsistencies.
  • Fixed bug that cancelled move orders at mission switch.
  • Fixed bug that could cause retreat in wrong direction.
  • Fixed wide camera's problem that was hiding the lowest part of the map.
  • Fixed issue that made General and Supply Wagons to occupy Corps slots in battles, thus reducing your available units.
  • Fixed "Battle of Fort Stevens" text not appearing in your fought battle list.
  • Fixed minor bug that could slightly change the Union uniform colors in camp, after Battle of Shiloh.
  • Fixed several localization issues that were reported.
  • Fixed issue of teleported artillery in Malvern Hill.
  • Fixed bug that switched the uniform of captured units after loading a battle.
  • Fixed problem that did not allow the deletion of saved files.
  • Fixed unnamed division commanders.
  • Fixed minor bug that showed captured enemy commanders in player's Officer Tab of Battle Report window.
  • Fixed bug that gave wounded officers from enemy army in player's army at end of battle.
  • Fixed minor bug that was hiding long officer names in camp.
  • Fixed annoying very loud marching sound in camp.
  • Fixed bug that made injured officers available in reserves list.
  • Fixed Limber/Unlimber button not working.
  • Fixed issue that was creating double officer names in camp.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the terrain info display for detached skirmishers and in some other occasions.
  • Fixed invisible supply depot objects in Washington and Richmond.
  • Fixed timer issue for Union's Battle of Shiloh Campaign Version where Hornet's nest stage could switch too soon.
  • Fixed Gettysburg timer issue in 2nd Day Night phase, where player could lose Culp's Hill but battle could continue.
  • Various other minor fixes that you have reported.


  • Added sound for battle messages.

Thanks a lot to the volunteer testers who assisted us in the beta procedure of the patch:

  • Col_Kelly
  • The Soldier
  • Wright29
  • Andre Bolkonsky
  • CSA Watkins
  • Koro
  • JonnyH13
  • Mr. Mercanto

We wanted to include more but we thought it would be better to offer you the new improved campaign system right away and update again with hotfixes in the coming days.

With the new campaign feature we believe that now the game is almost ready for the full release. We await your next feedback so we can find together the last remaining things needing improvements, such as balance or minor bugs.

Official forum: Link
Steam forum: Link


The Game-Labs Team

Your saves will be playable but not fully optimized to support the new system. It is advised to play a new campaign to test this new feature.