Patch v0.77 with easier difficulty level

Hello Generals,  

We have just deployed a quick patch that addresses issues you have reported and improves overall the gameplay. A new campaign mode on Easy Level allows you to play vs AI armies of fixed size, making your victories more decisive and your gameplay less demanding, if you wish so.

Patch 0.77 rev18615


  • Added new option for Campaign Easy Difficulty Level called "Fixed Enemy Strength". When you enable this mode you will confront AI armies of fixed size so your victories will matter more, as many have requested.


  • AI has better territorial perception and should respond and fight even better.


  • Flank/Rear ranged damage is reduced because it was overpowered but morale impact has been enhanced accordingly. Damage will be better manageable and units will not break and rout so easily as before.
  • Melee penalty for cavalry in woods and harsh terrain has been fine tuned so cavalry is now more useful as requested.


  • Fixed & balanced overpowered infantry veteran perks (Marksman, Firearms course, Elite, Sharpshooters) that were giving opposite reload bonus/penalty or were giving too much boost. This will fine tune veteran units which could be overpowered for both AI and player.
  • Fixed hold button issue that made it impossible to cancel hold state.
  • Fixed continuous soldier re-arrangement in fortifications.
  • Fixed objective timers that could wrongly continue battle (instead of stopping) because of time/fps desync.

 We wish this patch improves further your gameplay experience. We are eager to read your feedback!

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Steam forum: Link


The Game-Labs Team