Patch 1.03 ready to play

We have addressed all problems concerning game's stability and we will continue to support Ultimate General: Gettysburg with more patches. The next update includes major AI improvements and many gameplay fine tunes for an even better battle experience in single and multiplayer mode.


  • Various AI improvements to all characters. AI will defend and attack much more efficiently.
  • New optional AI boost settings to increase the challenge. Boost enhances subtly the long range accuracy, the condition recover when idle and the charge bonus, according to AI character. Indirectly of course morale, efficiency and other factors are affected but overall the boost should provide more challenge without overwhelming odds against the player.
  • Artillery will move faster according to distance of waypoint making maneuver columns.
  • Skirmishers condition will not decrease so fast when they move.
  • Artillery will be more vulnerable in direct projectile attacks (Something that up to now made AI effort very difficult, as Artillery got minimal damage and inflicted 100's of casualties with canister volleys). Additionally artillery vs artillery fights will cause more casualties.
  • Slight Union decrease of long range combat effectiveness vs the Confederates.
  • Slight Confederate artillery more accurate at long range fire.
  • Condition changes more dynamically and will not remain to zero state during firefights so often. Careful management of units now is creating a dynamic, more challenging tempo throughout the battle.
  • Various gameplay balances to morale, combat lethality and melee.
  • Improved auto-targeting, especially for artillery which will choose the closest threats much more effectively.

Battle moment from the new multiplayer scenario "Chance to change history".

Battle Flow

  • Confederate Thomas brigade is available on speculative 1st day 3rd phase of the battle (requested in forum). Historically it was kept in reserve but since Slocum and Stannard are coming it is logical to appear in the battlefield.
  • Confederate McLaws division arrives in a more south position in battle of Devils Den (requested in forum). This is more historically correct to make possible the planned envelopment maneuver for the Confederates.
  • Iron Brigade and Cutler will arrive in a slightly more northern waypoint in the 1st engagement and reinforcements arrive in more varying delays.


  • New multiplayer map: "Chance to change history". In this historical scenario of 1st July 1863, the Confederates attack with great numbers from West, North and East, heading to Gettysburg and Cemetery hill. The Union forces have a hard task to delay them and hold their ground.
  • Various fixes to existing multiplayer maps according to feedback. The most important are:
    - Reduce of battle delay in some maps that was too big.
    - Balance of VP in some maps that was needed for more balanced battles.
    - Blended in time the reinforcement arrival time for many maps.
    - The Battle of Devil's Den has McLaws to arrive in a more south position (see above in Battle flow).
    - "The confederates counterattack seminary ridge" map is extended to the west, including Cemetery hill and Cemetery ridge and Stannard does not participate. As a result, many more tactical choices are available.
  • Updated the gameplay to fit new single player improvements.
  • Chat messages include punctuation characters (Chat was incomplete without them).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed targeting bug which made units in wavering mode to stop firing. This was very annoying for artillery units which stopped to target and fire until their morale increased or they routed.
  • Fixed morale code bug that affected mostly AI actions, eventually making it weaker vs the player. Units that were standing did not receive the proper morale impacts, resulting eventually to just stand and win easily in many cases when in defense. This bug affected also the multiplayer.

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