Patch 1.01

This is the first post-release update for Ultimate General: Gettysburg. A few of our many new game enhancements include: artillery targeting error fixes, AI & gameplay improvements, better morale and 7 new multiplayer maps. Additionally, we now offer the game to Linux users!

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 1.01

LINUX version available!
Linux users will now be able to enjoy Ultimate General: Gettysburg. It’s also good to note that a single game purchase via the Steam store is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • 7 New Multiplayer maps:
    - The Confederates counter-attack on Seminary Ridge
    - Fight for 2 hills
    - Meeting at Cemetery Ridge
    - The Round Top hills attacked from the south
    - What if Buford had not held McPherson Ridge
    - Pickett's charge! (multiplayer edition)

    - Ewell advances
    Multiplayer has now 12 scenarios for 1vs1 matches.

  • Chat functionality: You can chat in the battle lobby using the new text window, as well as during a battle using the “Enter” key.

  • Updated game with the new single player improvements (see below).

  • Fixed some multiplayer stability and functionality issues.

  • Conquer the map” now gets cavalry reinforcements correctly from the western valleys, giving more opportunities to the Confederates for flanking Cemetery ridge.

A special version of Pickett's Charge scenario is now available in multiplayer and as a custom battle.


  • The AI will now be a stubborn defender when it has to be. It will actively try to protect high priority objectives and will not chase other units away as it did before. This is best seen on maps where the AI Union must protect Cemetery hill.

  • The AI will be more decisive when storming your positions with multiple unit charges.

  • The AI will often maneuver its units in columns behind its lines to support flanks and mobilize reserves. This helps a lot when it must defend locations like Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill, where it is needed to switch reserves between the hills.

  • The AI more often will move its artillery closer to your positions to inflict more casualties.

  • All AI personalities have received improvements according to their character.

  • The AI will not use cavalry & videttes irritatingly and too aggressively, but will use them to harass you when it is needed, as a player does.

Custer scouting the area ahead of the Union army in the new multiplayer battle "Meeting at Cemetery ridge".


  • More resilient morale that takes into consideration more the units' combat effectiveness. Units that inflict many casualties will fight more heroically and will have steadier morale. On the contrary, units that are badly beaten and have poor combat effectiveness will be more fragile throughout the battle.

  • Reduced the strength of charges. Uncoordinated frontal assaults on heavily fortified positions will be suicidal and can lead to units losing their fighting condition very fast. A slower advance results in units being effective for a longer time.

  • Reduced cavalry strength. Cavalry are weaker against massed firearms.

  • Improved unit targeting and auto-line management. Units now need even less babysitting.

  • Artillery movement speed is increased in relation to infantry speed.

  • Intensified terrain movement penalties. Units climbing hills, entering built-up areas, forests will slow down significantly. As a result, defensive positions are now more powerful.

  • Rebalanced terrain cover bonuses/penalties so that the benefits of concealment are clearer.

  • Units moving in a firing line formation will be much slower compared to units in column formation. You can now use columns to maneuver faster or slowly fire and advance in line formation without isolating units from the main force.

  • Increased ranged combat lethality. Close-ranged musket and canister fire is now more lethal. Artillery will be an essential defensive weapon and can effectively support attacks from a distance, especially when firing on flanks.

  • Improved soldier movement mechanics. Sprites die in the formation more evidently and they are less synced with each other for more realistic visuals. The new soldier effects also affect gameplay, as wider formations receive more damage and trigger melee collisions better.

  • Improved melee damage and visuals.

  • Increased command radius for Confederate Generals Hill and Ewell.

  • Reduced some Generals' morale and condition regeneration bonuses that were too high.

The Union VI Corps defending Baltimore pike heights in the multiplayer scenario "The Round Top hills attacked from the south"


  • Pender's Division infantry arrives now sooner and can participate in the first battle engagement for the Confederates. This increases tension in the first battle and opens up more speculative scenarios.

  • Stannard will arrive sooner if the Union withdraws to Cemetery Hill in the 2nd phase of the battle. Stannard significantly helps the army of the Potomac to hold its ground.

  • Battle delay is now triggered properly. If objectives are secured, then the timer will start and you will not have to wait long, unless your enemy presses the attack.

  • The battle will now end if one side routs the entire enemy army off the map.

  • Increased available time for many scenarios that were previously too short.

  • Fixed several battle flow errors that resulted in the battle campaign ending prematurely or not to continuing to a special scenario. For example, you could lose Cemetery Hill even though 2 battles ago, you secured it, or you could retreat to Cemetery Ridge while your forces gave a hard fight to hold Oak ridge etc.

  • Fixed errors in some battles that did not give a victory message, even though you had captured the most important objectives. 

In the new battle "What if Buford had not held McPherson Ridge" we see what would happen if the Union cavalry commander had hesitated and did not defend northwest, at McPherson ridge area.


  • Major artillery targeting fixes. Artillery will no longer refuse to fire on locations with clear line of sight or ignore nearby enemies. Due to this, canister auto-targeting is now deadly.

  • Fixed the irritating back and forth movement of some units, particularly skirmishers, cavalry and artillery.

  • Solved many problems that could result in incorrect retreat directions.

  • Fixed or made very rare a bug that causes units to target dead enemies.

  • Fixed a freeze bug when Slocum reinforcements arrived.

  • Fixed incorrect randomization settings for some historical custom battles. For example, you can now enable “Randomize” for the Pickett's Charge battle and units will start from the historical positions, instead of random ones with varying condition.


  • New music volume slider in options. The volume is 100% by default and this could not be changed because it could corrupt your user generated options.

  • Tilt-Shift is now brighter and less blurry.

  • All custom battles are unlocked. You can play any of them from the start without needing to unlock them from the campaign.

  • Improved 3D perception of map and repairs to various sections that created problems of reduced visibility.

  • Increased terrain elevation of Cemetery Hill (it was too flat), increasing its defensive bonuses.

Players are advised to use new saves instead of old ones because old saves may not include some needed morale, battle flow or reinforcement timing changes.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg has been improved in many areas, but we need your feedback to be sure and to know if there is something else we must fix. Please provide your opinions, reviews and criticism on our forums:
Game-Labs Forum and Steam Forum.

PS. We have added one more multiplayer map “Ewell advances” that was not mentioned in our first announced patch notes.

PS2. On 21/11/2014 we provided hotfix that addresses freeze bugs and improves some aspects of gameplay according to feedback. Please read:

PS3. On 25/11/2014 we made available another hotfix with stability and slight gameplay improvements: