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Me and Orb will be playing some Ultimate General: Gettysburg Multiplayer while talking about random $#@%.

This time we play as the Confederacy in an alternative battle at NIGHT, a major part of the union force is being sent against us. Suddenly the sound of thousands of marching feet can be heard deep in the night. Add me on twitter: AgrippaMaxentiu NO "S"!
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FR] Ultimate General : Gettysburg - Jour 1 - Matin - Partie 1 Voici un petit jeu bien sympathique sur la guerre de sécession et plus particulièrement sur la bataille de Gettysburg qui permet quelques uchronies bien sympa ! Vive les tuniques bleues :D

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Ultimate General Gettysburg is a RTS Civil War Era game that does a great job at challenging your battlefield skills. The AI is nicely done and offers a variety of challenges. If you'd like to see an entire campaign, please let me know below in the comments.

Welcome back to the second episode of Ultimate General Gettysburg. On the afternoon of July 1st, I lead the confederates through a desperate fight along oak and seminary ridge while the Second Corps captures the town itself and secures cemetery hill for an epic and heroic victory.

Welcome to the first strategy game featured on my channel, SheepsHead Bay. Playing as the Confederates at none other than Gettysburg, I sacrifice the 3rd Corps to the fire power and might of the Union 1st in the name of capturing Oak Hill while playing Ultimate General Gettysburg.

Today we are playing with a legend of gaming himself as well as the creator of "Ultimate General Gettysburg" and countless TW mods "Darth" in the engagement at Devils Den/Little Round top! Don't forget to leave a like, and make sure to follow my twitch channel were the battle first took place!

Nice gameplay walktrhough by Bismarck

The "Pickett's charge" multiplayer scenario played vs Agrippa Maxentius.

Multiplayer battle between defender Union lionheartx10 and .... (look below)

... Confederate attacker WarriorofSparta

Multiplayer battle "Night Assault" by Agrippa Maxentius

A multiplayer match and a friendly interview with the designer by Agrippa Maxentius

First video with the latest patch 1.3 by Chadtopia. The Union army defends vs AI Balanced.

Pickett's charge on v1.02 by DiplexHeated

Multiplayer battle on v1.1+ by Agrippa Maxentius

Devil's Den battle on v1.1+ by Chadtopia

1st battle on v1.1+ by Leif & Sukhoi (FRENCH)

Day 2 Battle on v1.1+ by Zeusdestnbres (FRENCH)

Gameplay explanation by Kunstkerze (German)

iPad version first look

Old PC beta version videos

Unofficial Trailer for Ultimate General: Gettysburg by 4ntidote (check 'settings' for english/german subtitles)