Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a critically acclaimed tactical battle simulator that allows you to lead thousands of soldiers in the battle of Gettysburg as commander of either the Union or Confederate army.

The game features the most accurately created map, complex morale, innovative control mechanics and smart AI. You have the freedom to use different strategies while the battle progresses. Your decisions and military performance play a crucial role in the result.

Lead your army and win the Battle of Gettysburg!   

What I played was fantastic!
— Kotaku
Best war-game of 2014
— PCGamesN
One of the 20 best war-games of all time!
— PC Gamer

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Key features for PC Version


Oak Ridge

Dynamic Battle
The battle is divided in phases and can last up to 4 days. You take strategic decisions that lead to countless speculative scenarios.


Hand Drawn Map
We mapped every important location of the battlefield and terrain simulates all the strategic elements of civil war warfare. 

Round top

9 AI commanders
The AI does not use gameplay cheats but varies in difficulty according to its personality. The AI personalities are not scripted, simulating a human opponent.

Devil's Den

Control your army like never before
Draw movement arrows to create maneuver and flanking paths as in old history books.

Benner's hill

90+ custom battles
While playing the multi-day campaign mode you unlock battles that you may play afterwards in skirmish mode. The battles can be randomized, blending starting positions and army strengths.

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery

Advanced Line of Sight
Terrain obstructs visibility creating a realistic fog of war that increases the strategic depth of the battle. Securing hills must be your top priority to have a commanding view of the battlefield.

McLean's house

2D like 3D
The game is using a 2D graphics engine, but all 3D elements are implemented under the hood, including LOS, terrain height map and many others. 


Peach Orchard

It never plays the same
Due to the different AI personalities, every time you play the battle you will encounter different results and tactical challenges. 

Little Round Top

Full order of battle
All historically accurate forces are recreated in the battle. The armies are organized in brigades, battalions and batteries.

Blocher's Knoll

Unit self-awareness
Your units do not need micro-management: they can react to threats while you focus on the tactical level of gameplay. 


Tactics matter
Every basic tactical element that is expected for a strategy game is incorporated into gameplay. 


Culp's Hill

Culp's Hill

All the innovative gameplay elements of Ultimate General: Gettysburg can be enjoyed in 1vs1 Multiplayer battles. 

*iPad Differences with the PC version
The game was redesigned from the ground up to provide good usability and playability on tablets. The dynamic campaign is replaced by 10 special missions for each side.  The user interface is enhanced and more adequate for handheld devices. The tactical combat and its features were tuned only slightly in order to experience an alternative level of strategic depth and challenge on iPad. Multiplayer is not available.

In-Game Screenshots (PC)